On June 28, 2021, Governor Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 21-116 (SB 21-116): “Prohibit American Indian Mascots." The bill prohibits the use of American Indian mascots by schools, which includes: public schools, charter and institute charter schools, and public institutions of higher education (collectively, public school) as of June 1, 2022. The public school mascot prohibition does not apply to:


  • Agreements that are compliant with SB 21-116 between a federally recognized Indian Tribe and a public school; or
  • Any public school that is operated by a Tribe or with the approval of a Tribe and existing within the boundaries of the Tribe's reservation.


For more information on SB21-116 please visit https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb21-116.


Please view the SB21-116 Implementation Process by clicking the links below.

SB21-116 Implementation Process

Guidance for Commissioners to Consider

Schools with American Indian Mascots and/or Imagery

Lamar School District:

Lamar High School- Savages

Mountain Valley School District RE-1

Mountain Valley School- Indians

Arickaree School District

Arickaree Elementary School- Indians

Arickaree Undivided High School 6-12- Indians

Elbert County School District

Kiowa Elementary School- Indians

Kiowa Middle School- Indians

Kiowa High School- Indians 

Sanford School District 

Sanford Elementary School- Indians 

Sanford Junior/Senior High School- Indians

Yuma School District

Kenneth P. Morris Elementary School- Indians

Yuma Middle School- Indians

Yuma High School- Indians

Mesa Valley School District

Central High School- Warriors

St. Vrain Valley School District

Frederick High School- Warriors

Montrose School District

Johnson Elementary School- Thunderbirds

Centennial Middle School- Braves

Montrose High School- Indians

Weldon Valley School District

Weldon Valley PK-6- Warriors

Weldon Valley Junior/Senior High School- Warriors

Campo School District

Campo Elementary School- Warriors

Campo Junior/Senior High School- Warriors

Pueblo County Rural 70 School District

Avondale Elementary School- Apache Indians

Colorado Springs School District

Community Prep School- Warriors


Eaton School District*

Eaton High School

Eaton Middle School

Eaton Elementary School


*Eaton School District has begun the process of removing the American Indian imagery from their mascot, but retaining the name “Reds.” The district has a documented history of use of this name before the American Indian imagery was added in the 1960’s. 


Schools with Agreements with Tribes

These two high schools can retain their mascot as long as they continue their partnership with a Tribe.

Littleton Public Schools

Arapahoe High School- Warriors

The Arapaho Nation endorsed the use of the "Arapahoe Warrior" logo for school activities. A proclamation was signed in 1993 which stipulates the exchange and agreement between the Arapahoe Nation and the school. Since the endorsement and signing of the proclamation, an ongoing cultural and educational relationship has been nurtured and valued. In 1994, the school renamed its gymnasium in honor of Arapaho Elder Anthony Sitting Eagle.

Strasburg School District

Strasburg School District - Indians

Strasburg School District has partnered with the Northern Arapaho Tribe for its use of the Indian mascot and presented a formal resolution to the tribe acknowledging the partnership and the support of respectful relations, increased American Indian education, and cultural exchanges to the tribal business council.


Please view the SB21-116 Implementation Process by clicking the link below.

SB21-116 Implementation Process