State-Tribal Consultations

State-Tribal Consultations are an effective method for establishing and strengthening government-to-government relationships. Although a Tribal Consultation Agreement is not required in order to conduct a meaningful and effective Tribal consultation, some State Agencies have entered into contractual agreements with Colorado based Tribes. 

Intergovernmental agreements and state-tribal compacts are one tool in promoting positive state-tribal relationships and fostering collaborative policy development.  There are many policy issues and aspects of Indian law that require a high degree of state-tribal cooperation.  The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), taxation, public safety, emergency response and criminal jurisdiction and law enforcement are some of the key areas that can benefit from formalized agreements. Much as interstate agreements allow for government-to-government cooperation, state-tribal agreements accomplish the same end. This type of state-tribal cooperation allows the parties to tailor policy solutions to local situations while respecting state and Tribal sovereignty.  

Colorado's State-Tribal Consultation Guide

State-Tribal Consultation Guide: An Introduction for Colorado State Agencies to Conducting Formal Consultations with Federally Recognized Indian Tribes (PDF)