The responsibilities of the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs (CCIA) Education Committee were:

  • To coordinate intergovernmental dealings between tribal governments and this state,
  • To investigate the needs of the Indians of this state and to provide technical assistance in the preparation of plans for the alleviation of such needs,
  • To cooperate with and secure the assistance of local, state, and federal governments or any agencies thereof in formulating and coordinating programs regarding Indian affairs adopted or planned by the federal government so that the full benefit of such programs will accrue to the Indians of this state,
  • To study the existing status of recognition of all Indian groups, tribes, and communities presently existing in this state,
  • To contract with public or private bodies to provide services and facilities for promoting the welfare of the Indian people.

American Indian Scholars License Plate

License plate

The American Indian Scholars License Plate is a Colorado State issued plate with a medicine wheel design by Francis Sherwood. Colorado residents may secure one for a $25 donation plus specialty plate and registration fees. 

For more information about obtaining an American Indian Scholars License Plate, please visit the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce's website or call 303-629-0102. Proceeds go the Colorado Indian Education Foundation's American Indian Scholars Scholarship fund which awards scholarships annually to American Indians attending college in Colorado.