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Nuu-ciu Strong is a resource for fourth grade educators to use to support teaching the history, culture, and present lives of the Ute People.

This resource was developed in collaboration with Colorado's Ute Tribes, the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, the Colorado Department of Education, History Colorado, Denver Public Library, Denver Art Museum, and educators statewide.

The curriculum aligns with Colorado's academic standards and is a dynamic resource that will be reviewed every 6 years to ensure its integrity.

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Unit 1 of the Resource Guide

View Unit 1: Ute History (PDF)

This unit covers the history of the Ute People from their creation story and life on the land to interactions and conflicts with Europeans and Native Americans.

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Unit 2 of the Resource Guide

View Unit 2: People, Places and Environment (PDF)

This unit covers three essential lessons about the nomadic way of life of the Ute bands of Colorado, the daily lives of the Ute people, and the legacy of the Utes found throughout Colorado in geographic place names.


Unit 3 of the Resource Guide

View Unit 3: Cultural Heritage (PDF)

This unit provides an in depth look at the cultural heritage of the Ute People. Students will explore the art, music, and the historic background of the Bear Dance in addition to a brief introduction to the ways in which the Ute People celebrate the seasons.



Unit 4 of the Resource Guide

View Unit 4: Cultural and Social Structures (PDF)

In this unit, students will examine the unique challenge of Ute tribal identity. As Ute youth live in the modern world, they must also work to maintain Ute tribal traditions. As such, many Ute tribal members find themselves living in two worlds.

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Unit 5 of the Resource Guide

View Unit 5: Citizenship and Tribal Government (PDF)

In this unit, students will participate in critical discussions about their knowledge of Ute tribes in Colorado and explore the influence that Colorado Ute tribes have on political, legal, environmental, and economic issues in Colorado today.

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Additional Resources for the Resource Guide

View Additional Resources (PDF)

The resource section provides examples of content that can be used with individual lessons throughout the Ute resource guide


For more information contact, Georgina Owen, with the Office of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education at the Colorado Department of Education